Websites for Creators #3 – Creating Comics with Tim van de Vall


Today’s siteĀ  is Creating Comics with Tim van de Vall. Tim is the creator of the digitalcomic, The Adventures of Chartwell.

The site not only showcases some of Tim’s great work, but is a fantastic resource for comic book creators of all skill levels. It features tutorials covering a range of topics, recommendations for equipment and software you may need, as well as drawing tips. He also has some free resources and downloads for you to use as well.

I can’t recommend this site enough! Check it out at


The Drawing Process: Step #5

Step #5: Coloring: Part Two

Here are the final colors. I added highlights and shadows throughout the drawing. This adds a sense of depth to the pic. In some places it can also give a sense of texture, such as giving a glassy look to the robot’s eyes. I also decided to change the background colors in order to make the characters pop out more.


So this is the end of the drawing process series. If you have any questions about any step of the process please comment on this or the other posts. You can also reach me through the contact page on this site. If you liked this feature and would like to see more on drawing, tutorials, and the like please let me know.

Thanks for visiting!


The Drawing Process: Step #4

Step #4: Coloring Part One

I start coloring by blocking out the basic colors in an image editor. This just gives me an idea of how I want it to look but I can still change things easily at this stage.



Tomorrow I’ll refine the image further by adding highlights and shadows. See ya!

Minotaur Tutorial

I did this tutorial as a sample for a potential client, and put it up on my page on DeviantArt (and a few other places) but I didn’t share it here on WordPress. I’d like to know if this is something you’d like to see more of. Please leave a comment letting me know.