Dragonlance #32


Welcome to another trip into the dollar bins. I actually found this comic for 75 cents. I’m not all that familiar with Dragonlance. I know it was a campaign setting for Dungeons and Dragons, but not much else. What I’ve learned is that Dragonlance is much more. It’s a universe in itself and has spawned novels, comics, video games and even an animated movie in 2008.

What drew me to the comic was the Mike Kaluta cover. I like to pick up anything that contains his art. Not only did this book have a great cover but I was treated to a pretty good story inside, well more of a conclusion to a storyline. That was okay because the first page gave a quick synopsis in the form of an excerpt from the official recordĀ  of Astinus of Palanthus.

The story was written by Adam Blaustein with pencils by Ron Randall and inks by Randy Elliot. It follows a king who is in possession of a cursed sword and who is now under the control of an evil dragon. Commanded to kill his warrior daughter by the dragon he chases her down a snowy mountain.

It’s a pretty good book and I’m eager to find the rest of this story arc, so it’s back to the bins!