Legends Untold Kickstarter

Hi everybody! Just a quick post to tell you about a new game called Legends Untold  that I did some art for!

It’s a 1-4 player (up to 8 players with the Sewer set add on) fantasy RPG in the form of a card game. You build your map using the cards which results in a different adventure each time you play! Battle through different challenges, break through barriers, and defeat a variety of foes which dynamically change by drawing cards. The good people at Inspiring Games have put a ton of work into this project and could use your help in getting it off of the ground.


Some of the Goblin art I was commissioned for.

Check out their campaign on Kickstarter to see more about the project!



Here’s the first look at Spitfire! She’s the first character I got to work on for “Into the Maelstrom” from TaleSmith Productions! If you like what you see there is more to come! I’ll be posting the steps it took to go from concept drawing to the above piece of finished art this weekend.

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