Websites for Creators#4 –

Here’s a cool little site called It offers a service that enables you to create a font from your own handwriting. The site says to just download the template, print it, fill it out and upload it, then download your very own personalized font for your projects!

I haven’t made a font on the site yet so I’m not sure how well it works, but I thought it was a site worth sharing!

Websites for Creators #2 –

From the people behind Sketch Magazine, Blue Line Pro, Comic Related and Skystorm Studios comes,,  a great resource for comic creators. You’ll find info about Sketch Magazine and their excellent Sketch Podcast, hosted by Bill Nichols, John Wilson and Robert Hickey.  The site also provides curated videos, tutorials and other interesting posts on comics creation as a whole.

Check out Bill Nichols’ Comics Mentor  posts while your there. He offers practical advice on the comics profession as well as words of encouragement for those trying to make their own comics.

All in all Sketch is a great resource for anyone looking for information on creating comics!

Comic Collecting Tip:The Printable Checklist at is in their own words “The World’s Greatest Comic Book Shipping Information Website!” They supply weekly lists of comics that will ship that Wednesday. Plus lists for the week ahead and a database of past lists. It even has news and reviews sections, but I want to focus on the Printable Checklist.


The Printable Checklist allows you check off what comics you’d like to purchase at your comic shop that week (or see what came in on your pull list). Hit the printable button and it generates a list to print out and take with you to your local comic shop. It’s not just comics either, the list includes other items shipping to comic stores as well.

That’s it! Just a simple useful tool for the comics enthusiasts!

Websites for Creators – Paper Wings

The main purpose of this blog is to talk about comics. As a writer and artist, I’m always on the lookout for great resources for creators.  So I thought focusing on some of my favorite websites for creators might make a good series for this blog.

I recently became aware of the site called Paper Wings. This site focuses almost completely on comic book creation. They mainly do this through their podcast, hosted by Lora Innes and Chris Oatley. There are also articles on how to navigate the business side of comics as well as posts concerning writing, art, and lettering. They also have a few great interviews on the podcast (I really enjoyed the one with Justin Copeland).

I’m still working my way though the articles and podcast episodes, but I really like what I’m reading and hearing so far.

I think this is a great site for not just comic creators but for freelancers trying to make it in any creative field.

Check the site out here: