Pacific Presents #2

I love perusing dollar (or cheaper) bins at comic shops. You can discover all kinds of cool and interesting books rummaging through them. I’ll do my best to share my favorite issues with you here.

pacificpreents2A couple of weeks ago I came across a shop with a bunch of 50 cent boxes full of great stuff. One of the books was Pacific Presents #2, with The Rocketeer’s logo plastered on it. In researching the book for this post, I found that this was the original printing of Chapter 4 of The Rocketeer through Pacific Comics. I won’t bore you with a synopsis or review other than to say what you already know…it’s great!

Not only do you get the fantastic work of Dave Stevens in this book, you also get a second story by the great Steve Ditko, called The Missing Man, a character I was totally unfamiliar with. This is a pretty dark and intense story. The Payne family (consisting of Paw, Maw, along with their daughter Misery and son Sorry) arrive in Circle City and begin to cause trouble. Not content to make money through robbery, the Paynes kidnap Ma, who runs a detective agency, and they hold her for ransom. It’s up to the keen computer skills of Todi (Ma’s daughter?) and Syd (The Missing Man) to solve the problem. It’s an interesting read and a good addition to this anthology title.

If you’re a comics fan, there is plenty of content by two comic masters to entertain. If you’re a comic creator, this should be considered an art and storytelling handbook. Study it!

I’ll certainly be on the look out for the rest of this series for my own collection!