Iron Fist #14

While at my local comic shop a few weeks ago I was directed to this little gem in the dollar bins by my local comic shop owner.

ironfist14 I’m not a huge Sabretooth or Iron Fist fan but being the first appearance of Sabretooth and drawn by one of my favorite artists, I immediately snapped it up (along with a few other issues).

Written by Chris Claremont and penciled by John Byrne, and published by Marvel in 1977. Danny Rand, Iron Fist, has been recruited by Collen Wing to assist her with bodyguarding Jeryn Hogarth, who was trying to find out who was embezzling money from Rand-Meachum. Sabretooth was sent in to stop Hogarth from finding out the culprit.

It’s a neat first look at Sabretooth, who Colleen identified as a “freebooter, a modern day pirate.” His personality is pretty close to what it is today. Though he does say “Bub” a few times which seems more Wolverine to me. (It seems that this might be an early attempt to imply a connection with Wolverine.)

He doesn’t seem to have his full power set yet in this story. He seems to have some kind of heightened senses. He’s very fast, strong, and has his claws but there is no mention of his healing factor, but that doesn’t mean he’s not a tough opponent for the Iron Fist.

All in all a decent first appearance of a major Marvel villain.