The ReadPile 06-17-15


Welcome to this week’s ReadPile!

Not many books in this week’s Pile, but here’s some highlights!

I really didn’t read Astro City when it debuted in the 90’s. I always liked the issues I got a chance to look at, but I never took the plunge to collect the series. That said…once I started to read Busiek and Anderson’s latest incarnation through DC imprint Vertigo, I was immediately hooked. In issue #24’s “Apeman Blues” we see the conclusion to last issue’s story of a walking talking gorilla named “Sticks” who wants nothing more than to live a peaceful life and play the drums. He’s got some issues assimilating though, being a refugee from a militaristic secret ape city in Antarctica and constantly being attacked by supervillains. I can’t recommend this series highly enough, and I’d pick up at least issues 23 and 24 if you want to try it out. My only problem… trying to find all of the older issues I’ve missed over the years!

Low is back after a bit of an hiatus with issue #7. It’s another of Image’s sci-fi offerings by Rick Remender, this time teaming with artist Greg Tocchini. Low is a series about a possible future where the sun has expanded to the point where mankind has retreated to the oceans to escape the radiation. The overall story follows the Cain family and the mother, Stel’s, mission to find a crashed probe on the surface that contains information that may save all of humanity. In this issue we meet the second of Stel’s lost daughters, who now lives in a city that outlaws any type of artistic expression, and she’s an enforcer of that law. I’d read the first six issues before you get to this one, while a perfectly good story on it’s own, I believe you’ll benefit from seeing how this story fits into the bigger picture when/if she reunites with her mom. Great art throughout, this is another of Remender’s mature titles that’s definitely not for kids.

While I like the main Secret Wars book, I haven’t been too impressed with their spin-offs. A lot have been good, but not great. Thors may be the exception. I originally only picked up the first issue because of Chris Sprouse’s art. I was pleasantly surprised by what turned out to be a crime drama set in a world combined from alternate realities and timelines, policed by a squadron of Thors! How awesome is that!

See ya next time!

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Here are the books I’m reading this week!

I finally decided to catch all the way up with Black Science. If you get a chance to pick up this series, please do! Image (along with many other companies) has been putting out some really great science fiction books lately, and this is one of the best! Comparisons to properties like Sliders and Lost in Space are obvious, but it feels fresh and new. A can’t miss if your into alternate worlds and just cool sci-fi adventure! Just be aware there are some mature themes, violence and language here. This book is not for kids.

Marvel’s pre Secret Wars 616 books are winding down. I’m really sad to see this great Silver Surfer series by Dan Slott and Michael Allred go. Definitely one of my favorite takes on Norrin Radd in recent memory.

This looks like this may be the last Captain America and the Mighty Avengers, too. Monica Rambeau was always one of my favorite characters and it was really great to see her in action again, along with a really solid team of characters. I hope we see a similar team on the other side of Secret Wars. I’m also becoming a big fan of Luke Ross’ work and can’t wait to see what he’s doing next!

I haven’t got a chance to dig into Chrononauts yet, but I’ve been looking at a lot of Millar’s work in the last year or two and this looked like a good series to try, plus Murphy’s art is an added bonus!

That’s it for this week’s ReadPile!

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The ReadPile 06-03-15


The Read Pile Returns!!!


This post marks the triumphant return of “The Read Pile”, a weekly blog post of all the books I get to read that week!

This is the pile of mainly Marvel books this time, from the week of 9/17/14, with a little Savage Dragon thrown in! 🙂

The Read Pile…