30 Day Comic Book Challenge Day #27

Day 27 – Favorite comic book movie.

At this point there have been a lot of great comic book movies like The Avengers, Mystery Men, and Men in Black but my favorite so far is probably Spider-Man 2. Sam Raimi and his team do a great job of interpreting the superhero genre onto film (even without Spidey’s mechanical web shooters). Although I may have to give The Pumaman an honorable mention here. 😛


30 Day Comic Book Challenge Day #26

Day 26 – A comic you wish they would make into a movie.

I can think of a few comic series that’d look good on the big screen. I’d really like to see a Concrete movie. A Tom Strong film would be incredible if done right. The more recent series Planetoid and Debris along with the legendary Xenozoic Tales, would make great science fiction flicks. I’m really enjoying the book, The Black Beetle, and think it’d make a great film as well.

I am really a fan of these stories as comic books, and would be happy to get to enjoy these creations in whatever form they take!


30 Day Comic Book Challenge Day #25

Day 25 – A book you plan on reading.

Even though I have Akira right here I’ve never taken the time to read it… but I plan to… eventually… really… by the end of  this decade…  🙂


30 Day Comic Book Challenge Day #24

Day 24 – Dream Character Team Up.


As I’ve established over the course of the 30 Day Comic Book Challenge, the Thing is my favorite character. So I think I’d like to have him team up with a couple of heroes. The first being Kitty Pryde. These two are among the most heroic characters in the Marvel Universe and it’d be great to see them team up to save the world. My second choice would be the Hulk. These guys have fought each other many times over the years but I can’t remember a time where they have ever teamed up. It’d be interesting to see the two work together instead of trying to tear each other apart!

Those are a couple of my choices. Who would be on your superhero dream team, let me know in the comments!

30 Day Comic Book Challenge Day #23

Day 23 – Your favorite artist.

John Byrne is not only my favorite comic book writer he’s my favorite comic book artist, too!