Monster Monday Volume 3 Sketch No.11



If you like my monster sketches please take a look at my newest Monster Monday Sketchbook collecting a bunch of my monster sketches in book form. Thanks!!!

Monster Monday Volume 3 Sketch No.10


Monster Monday Sketchbook Volume One Part Two!!!

No new sketch today…

But instead, I’d like to announce the release of my newest book Monster Monday Sketchbook Volume One Part Two!!!

Here’s a pic of the front cover…
Inside you’ll find the next 26 monster sketches collected from volume one along with a special 4 page preview of my upcoming comic Monsternauts!

If you’re interested you can order a copy from Createspace at:

You can also order from Amazon at:

It will also be available to order from bookstores soon. The ISBN’s are listed below!

  • ISBN-10: 1500352241
  • ISBN-13: 978-1500352240



Monster Monday Volume 3 Sketch No. 9

monster_monday_volume_3_sketch_9A desert dwelling bigfoot…

Shades of Vengeance Commission

Shades of Vengeance Commission

A recent commission for an upcoming game for Shades of Vengeance.