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Legends Untold Kickstarter

Hi everybody! Just a quick post to tell you about a new game called Legends Untold  that I did some art for!

It’s a 1-4 player (up to 8 players with the Sewer set add on) fantasy RPG in the form of a card game. You build your map using the cards which results in a different adventure each time you play! Battle through different challenges, break through barriers, and defeat a variety of foes which dynamically change by drawing cards. The good people at Inspiring Games have put a ton of work into this project and could use your help in getting it off of the ground.


Some of the Goblin art I was commissioned for.

Check out their campaign on Kickstarter to see more about the project!

Hulk Sketch

Hulk_Sketch_72dpiSketch of Marvel’s Hulk!

Monster Monday Volume 4 No. 22


Alien with an identity crisis…

Digital sketch done in Clip Studio Paint.

Happy Halloween 2015